Frequently Rude Questions

Are you Toby Stephens?

No, unfortunately not. We are fans. But we would like to be, so if you know anyone practising witchcraft or real good surgery, let us know! Until then you can check out Toby’s IMDB page, where you find all his info and roles or follow him on Twitter! Yes, that is really him!

Where do I send naked pictures, Teddybears, underwear and autograph requests to?

We thought you might ask that next. We suggest you keep the naked pics and underwear to yourself or throw them at some band at a concert, if you must. ;P Autograph requests and gifts can be addressed to:


Toby Stephens

United Agents

c/o Olivia Homan

12-26 Lexington Street

London W1F 0LE

United Kingdom


But please include a stamped and self-addressed envelope and be very patient! It might take a while.

Will Toby Stephens be the new James Bond?

It is very, very unlikely. He played Bond villain Gustav Graves opposite Pierce Brosnan in the 2002 movie Die Another Day. And since 2008 he plays Bond himself in the BBC Radioplays which you should absolutely listen to! Concerning future projects, we can’t know for sure of course, but Toby has answered this question with no in several interviews. But if there are news on Bond or any other projects, you will hear them from us first. Subscribe to our Newsletter or follow @tobysnews on Twitter or Instagram for up to date news!

OMG, Maggie Smith is Toby Stephens’ mum???

Yes, yes, she is. Sit down, have a biscuit and a glass of water to hydrate, breathe, we’ve all been there! While you’re here, actually some more facts: It’s the whole family, they are all actors! Toby’s birthfather was the late great Sir Robert Stephens, one of the most respected actors of his generation and at one time regarded as the natural successor to Laurence Olivier. He was, beside a lot of Shakespearean heroes, a pirate of Tortuga, Aragorn and Sherlock Holmes. He and Maggie Smith married in 1967, divorced in 1974 and he later married none other than Patricia Quinn, known to geeks of this world as Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And as if that wasn’t enough, Toby’s older brother Chris Larkin is an actor too and you might have seen him in Master and Commander, Outlander and Black Sails, where he played Captain Berringer. Oh, don't look so utterly confused, it will be fine once you’ve accepted it. ;)

Will Toby Stephens marry me?

No. Luckily for him and sadly for you Toby is happily married to his wife of 19 years, actress Anna-Louise Plowman. They met in drama school and hooked up years later when they were both invited to an audition for a commercial in NY and the producers didn’t know if they wanted a male or female voice. So Toby suggested that whoever got the job would take the other out for dinner. He did. They have been together since, got married in 2001 and have three children, Eli Alistair (born 2007), Tallulah (2009) and Kura (2010). Yes, that is a very romantic story and you realize by now that your chances of marriage are limited. ;)

Why didn’t Toby Stephens win all the Awards?

We honestly have no fucking clue. In fact we are just as fucking pissed as you are and would happily steal them for him, because there is not one person so far who didn’t ask this question after the dragon speech in Black Sails except for the fucking jury’s of course, so if you have an idea how Toby Stephens can still win all the fucking awards, send us a message! If it contains graphic language, threats of violence or murder, well done! You are angry as you should be! Let’s talk! ;-P

Why aren’t there more pictures on your page?

Our opinion is, that a fanpage shouldn’t copy paste other people’s content. Artists (which includes photographers) do have a copyright on their work and to use it you need a license. After all that’s how artists make money. On this page we will only use content that we either made ourselves or have license/permission to use for. "But the pictures are all on Google!" Exactly. Google is a search engine and will find anything on the internet. That doesn’t mean that it’s there legally or free to use for anything. So please, if you use content online according to the fair use policy, don’t forget to still give credit to the creators!

Toby Stephens played Captain Flint, does that mean he is gay?

No. Unless you mean to say he also killed all those people, was a pirate in the 18th century or has the slightest talent to sail a ship. The process is called acting. Actors are not the characters they play. They just pretend to be for an income. Some actors like Daniel Day Lewis are "method actors" and go to great lengths to completely evolve in the character in preparation and during filming. But they still don’t become them. And Toby likes to be himself, tell jokes between takes and laugh about them loudest himself (says Luke Arnold). Or shove jelly snakes up his nose (says Ruth Wilson).

Are Toby Stephens, Damian Lewis and Michael Fassbender the same person?

It depends. Is Rupert Grint Ed Sheeran? Is Henry Cavill Matt Bomer, because it’s honestly hard to tell. And someone definitely separated Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel at birth. Those people have some optical features like hair colour, eye colour or physicality in common, but we can guarantee you, that they are all individuals with completely different lives, personalities and acting styles and we can really recommend looking for the USP in people rather than what makes them interchangeable. :) Toby once said his USP are his teeth. There you go. Separate them by their teeth!

How can I get a selfie with Toby Stephens?

During a period where he’s filming or resting that’s absolutely up to chance. When he is playing theatre, you might wait at stage door after a performance, in general he always stops to say hello to his fans, but please hydrate and be mindful that he might be tired or in a hurry. Occasionally he does Conventions, where autographs and photo ops can be purchased, but there is never a guarantee that guests can attend as filming has always priority, so don’t be disappointed if schedules change.

If you have a rude question yourself, don’t hesitate to send it to us anonymously!