Talk with a pirate - online meeting with Zach McGowan

Talk with a pirate - online meeting with Zach McGowan

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At 11am PST on April 10th we have a special guest for our second #talkwithapirate Zoom meeting - Captain Zach McGowan!

Important information first:


€21/$25 - we don’t make any money with this. The contribution is towards the appearance fee.


Saturday, 10th of April at 11am PST (in California) - you can do the conversion yourself or use the image below as a guide.

The meeting will last approximately an hour.


We have limited spots on a first come, first serve basis, you can book your ticket on this page. To participate, you can book your tickets via this page. 


We will be using Zoom to facilitate the meeting. Don't worry, we are familiar with introvert worries - you can participate without being seen or heard! You can use the browser version, but we found it more convenient to use an app.

Please note - this meeting is recorded for quality purposes only!


Please submit your questions during booking process. Please be advised that all questions will be vetted by Zach's team. We have quite a limited time and cannot guarantee that all questions can be asked, but will try our best. As the meeting is recorded for quality purposes, you can choose to ask the question yourself, or we can ask it on your behalf. 

This event will not be available for replay.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide close captions during the live meeting.



Why isn’t this free like last time?

You might not be aware of it, but actors do things like that to make a living, like photoshoots or autographs at conventions. So there is a fee. Last time we split the fee among the crew and gifted it to you. This is not possible this time. We can guarantee you that none of us make any profit of it, the fee is split equally among all participants, which is why there is a strict limit of available spots.

Will I be able to watch a replay of this?

No. Due to the necessity to split the fee and contractual reasons there will NOT be a replay of the full interview. We will share a few short captioned clips in the weeks after the event, but really only bits.

Will the live conference have captions?

No. Unfortunately Zoom doesn’t give us the option.

What do I need to participate?

A ticket (which you can book through this page), and basically a phone or a web browser, ideally with working camera and mic. Though we do recommend that you install the Zoom app (available for phone and desktop) and make yourself familiar with it before the event. You will be sent a link to enter the conference to the Email address you registered with (make sure to check your junk mail folders for it, there were some issues with this last time!)

I am shy, does videoconference mean I have to videochat with everyone?

Not at all. If you wish you can participate without being seen or heard. If you want to turn your video on, you will be able to do so and be visible to all participants including Zach. Your mics will be turned off by default and can only be turned on by the admin in case it’s your turn to ask a question.

Will I be able to videochat with Zach?

A few of you will have the option. Every participant is equal, chances are fair, only limit is the time. Submit interesting questions for better chances! We will pick questions strictly for an interesting and fun interview, not personal liking.

Can I submit a question but not ask it myself?

Sure. You can tick a box during your booking process to tell us if you want the moderators to ask the question for you.

What if I buy a ticket but can’t make the live event?

Due to the equal contribution part we can’t offer refunds. But we will assist you best we can to find a replacement participant for your spot.

And what if something goes wrong during the event, my computer crashes, my kids want food or my cat poops on my Laptop?

In that case please don’t panic, attend to the kids and cats and contact us after the event, we will find a way for you to watch what you missed, we promise!


If you have any questions that were not answered above, you can contact us directly via an email -, or reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram.