Dress like a pirate - Zoom workshop with Marina Draghici
Dress like a pirate - Zoom workshop with Marina Draghici

Dress like a pirate - Zoom workshop with Marina Draghici

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At 1PM EST on September 18th we have a special workshop with costume designer for season 1 of Black Sails - Marina Draghici.

We have 2 types of tickets:
- Active participants - limited number (due to time constraints) of participants will be able to ask questions. Please submit your question using the dedicated field on the website! (If you want to book but still need time to think about your question, put in “tbf” and make sure to submit it to tobyswalruscrew@gmail.com until SEP 10 LATEST!)

- Viewer only - if you don't want to ask any questions, you can still join the workshop as a viewer at a great rate. The live chat during the event will be open and moderated to exchange thoughts with other participants. We might pick up on questions there, but no guarantees, please choose active participant if you want to make sure to be able to ask a question.

Please know that all the money goes towards the fees for our guests. We are running this page and the events without profit and in our free time! 

Important information:

- the meeting starts at 1PM EST - please check the start time in your time zone! 

- we will be using Zoom to facilitate the meeting. Don't worry, we are familiar with introvert worries - you can participate without being seen or heard! You can use the browser version, but we found it more convenient to use an app

- the meeting will be recorded to allow for reply for participants who would not be able to attend on the day

- please submit your questions during booking process. We have a limited time and only Active participants will be able to ask questions. As the meeting is recorded, you can choose to ask the question yourself, or we can ask it on your behalf

- we cannot provide close captions during the live meeting


If you have any questions that were now answered above, you can contact us directly via an email - tobyswalruscrew@gmail.com, or reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram